Project Stages

Specifics of what services are provided under each stage can be found at this link, but here is an outline of what each stage involves:


You’ve made the decision to work with Dig Design and here is where we start the process, we go through our onboarding procedure, help you develop your brief and gather the information required for us to commence working on your design.

Concept Design

Here’s where we start the design process.  We consider your brief, your wish list and local authority requirements and put down on paper a concept [or two] for your dream renovation or [new] home.  This stage is super exciting as you see things kick off.

Design Development

Following your approval of the concept we further develop the design to a level that will adequately explain the developed design and allow for submission to the relevant local authorities for planning consent [if required].


Having received planning consent, we now move onto documentation where we prepare drawings and specifications to enable the project to be built.  Other consultants’ work is also folded into the architectural set.

Interior Design

This stage involves the design and documentation of interior design elements, including kitchens, bathrooms, finishes, fixtures, door hardware and lighting.  It is a collaborative process that involves lots of the fun stuff, you can be as involved [or not] as you like.

Contractor Selection + Contract Administration

During contractor selection we manage the tender process for you, inviting builders to submit a quote and negotiating to make sure you have a builder that can meet your expectations.  During Contract Administration we make sure the builder complies with the architectural drawings and the contract terms.


Turn the key and pop the cork, it’s time to celebrate all that we’ve achieved together.

Now you have that happy home feeling!!