Why Choose Dig Design

There are many reasons why people [just like you] choose Dig Design as their architects and interior designers, here are ten of them …


At Dig Design, every project is an exciting opportunity to do what we love.  We live and breathe architecture and interior design, with our passion and commitment remaining the same on every single project.  When we help you create your place in the world, we will not only make your architectural dreams come true, we’ll make the experience fun.


We understand that choosing an architect is a big decision.  We want you to know that at Dig Design, when you talk, we listen [carefully] to gain a clear understanding of your needs, aspirations and priorities.  We will be there to guide and support you from start to finish as your partners in the process.  Ultimately what we do is all about you, and it is your happiness that drives our success.


No two clients are the same, no two sites are the same, so no two designs should be the same either.  At Dig Design we think outside the box and creatively respond to all the unique design possibilities in your project, providing a solution that is tailored to your specific needs location … we have a knack of seeing possibilities you didn’t even know existed.


At Dig Design we know that through good partnership and collaboration between client, architect, interior designer and builder, that is how the best results are achieved … this is where the architectural magic happens.  We include you as an active participant in the design process working closely with you to realise your dreams.  Our two principals Lindsay Douglas architect and Julie-Anne Smith interior designer, will work with you to create a home that consider both exterior and interior as a holistic approach to design.


Lindsay and Julie-Anne have more than 40 years experience between them and have been the creative team behind Dig Design since 2002, working to deliver high-quality and creative design solutions.  Dig Design’s work has been recognised by our peers, having been awarded 30 times to date … and counting.  Lindsay Douglas is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects, a Life Member and former president of Design Matters (National) and former president of the National Association of Building Designers.


At Dig Design, we have an in-depth knowledge of the council planning process including complex heritage applications.  We have obtained with ease, hundreds of planning permits across a wide range of projects, a reflection on the relationships we nurture.  This success is a reflection on the close working relationships we nurture with local councils.


Working with Dig Design, gives you access to our network of A-grade architectural builders and some of the best consultants across Melbourne.  These are relationships we have built over 20 years of making our client’s dream builds come to life, but we are always happy to investigate the suitability of any consultant and builder recommendations you bring with you.


We all know word of mouth is the best advertisement, and a significant source of our work comes via referral … from clients, builders, consultants and agents.  Builder’s want architects that produce consistently high-quality documentation, architects who are practical and approachable problem solvers.  Our builders not only recommend Dig Design to their clients, but also choose Dig Design for their own homes and developments.  Past clients are amongst our biggest advocates and we love past client referrals because … we love to work with people just like you.


Dig Design offers full architecture and interior design services, including contract administration.  Recognising that some clients are comfortable to run the construction process with their builder, or select their own finishes, fixtures and fittings, when preparing our fee proposal you will be offered service bundles to select from.  Our fee proposal and the service bundles offered will be clear and concise, providing clarity on which option is best suited to you.  Just as our designs are tailored to your needs, so too are our fee proposals.


Budgets vary as much as people’s wish lists do, but architects are not as expensive as you might think.  Engaging an architect will save you money and we will save you thousands of dollars by paying attention to the details within the design.  At Dig Design we are passionate about making design affordable and will present you with service bundles to choose from in our fee proposal.  We will provide you a design solution that will add value to your investment and an enjoyment of your new space that is immeasurable.

When you choose Dig Design as your architects and interior designers you get years of expertise in delivering custom design solutions with minimal stress.

Don’t let your fear of what the fee may be, stop you from being pleasantly surprised by what the fee is.