Kid Architecture – Your Plans

Kid Architecture is a school holiday series from Dig Design, setting activities for young minds and inspiring the next generation of architects, designers and engineers. Your Plans is an activity that will activate their creativity and problem solving capabilities … they might even give you some dream home ideas you hadn’t thought of yet.

Inspired by our client Georgie, age 9.


You’ll need:

  • Things to draw with; pens, pencils, textas, chalks, rulers …
  • Things to draw on; paper, cardboard …

Anything you like to draw with or on is totally fine.

It could be pens on paper, textas on carboard, chalk on pavement, fingers on iPads, or markers on a whiteboard like Georgie.

Anyway you like to draw is just fine!

Step 01

Imagine you are floating above your home in a hot air balloon, looking down onto it.

If it didn’t have a roof what would you see?

Step 02

Walk around your house and think about the different rooms and what’s in them, take notes or make sketches.

Step 03

Draw a plan of your home.

That means you draw what you see if you are up in a hot air balloon looking down at your home without the roof on

Like Georgie has here.

Some Tips

Here are some tips on what you might include in your house plan.

Using these symbols is the way we draw plans at Dig Design.


Now you’ve drawn your house as it is now … what would you change?

Put your black turtle neck on (as Mum and Dad what that is) and Design a Home You Love.

Need some inspiration?

Read “Iggy Peck Architect” by Andrea Beaty + David Roberts, it’s one of our faves … I think I know all the words by heart from reading it with my kids 100s of times.

We’d Love to See Your Creations

Email us a photo of Your Plan once you’ve finished …