How to Write a Brief for My Architect

How to Write a Brief for My Architect

So, you’d like to know how to write a brief for your architect, maybe you don’t know what a brief is.  In this post Dig Design will explain both what a brief is and how to put one together.  We will provide you with some downloadable templates you can use to develop your brief.

A brief for your architect is also known as a design brief.  It is a document that clearly sets out all that you want your architect to know and understand about your unique family dynamic and what is important to you to include in the design of your [new] home.

There are pragmatic basic inclusions such; your budget, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’d like, who is going to live here, and information about your specific site.  However, before you get into the nitty gritty about what you want in your [new] home, there is an important first step in understanding why you want change. 

But why do we need to understand the why[s]?

Your why[s] hold the personal details that when woven into the fabric of your [new] home make it special and unique, specific to you and your family.  Interpreting your why is a skill that Dig Design, as your architect and interior designer, bring to the table.  Knowhow that has been cultivated over 20 years of creating architectural magic, and continues to grow with every project we take on.

Knowing how to write a brief for your architect can feel overwhelming if it’s not a process you have undertaken in the past.  To help you put together a design brief, we have developed two guides to take you through the process of developing your brief.

Step One

The first document is a guide sheet taking you through the process of Finding Your Why[s].  Working through this guide sheet will give you a full understanding of why your current home isn’t meeting your needs and why you need to discover the possibilities that exist.

Step Two

Once you have found your why[s] you are ready to Build Your Brief Download our Dig Design template designed to help you write a brief for your architect.

The Build Your Brief template is an important step toward turning your why into wow is helps you record the nuts and bolts, as well as the why[s], that go into informing the Dig Design team of what’s needed to create architectural magic for you.

Remember Dig Design is here to guide and support you from start to finish as you your partner in the process giving you access to years of experience in delivering custom design solutions with minimal stress.

Step Three

Built your brief, or working toward it?  Reach out to Dig Design and book a Brief and Possibilities Review.