Kid Architecture – Paper Bag Buildings

Kid Architecture is a series we have started at Dig Design, setting activities for young minds and inspiring the next generation of architects, designers and engineers. Paper Bag Buildings is an activity that will flex their creativity muscles whilst teaching them to look for shapes colours and textures within everyday images and lets face it … is lots of fun.

Will you build a single detailed Paper Bag Building, or an entire city?


You’ll need:

  • Paper bags.
  • Old magazines (make sure you ask first if they’re OK to cut up).
  • Scissors.
  • Felt markers.
  • Glue stick.

Step 01

Cut all the handles from the paper bags.

Step 02

Cut the pages of the magazines into shapes you can use to make building elements like doors, windows, fences etc.

You can look for colours or textures, even objects or shapes that you’d like to use on your buildings.

Pictures of people for in the windows can look pretty cool.

Step 03

Turn the bags upside down, the base of the bag will form the roof of your building.

Try different layouts for your paper bag buildings with the paper shapes you have cut out.

Flex your creativity muscle and come up with a few different options.

Step 04

Glue your paper shapes onto the paper bag.

Use your felt marker to add details.

You can cut the door to to make it openable.


Open your paper bag building so that it can stand on it’s own.

Place your paper bag buildings together and create a neighbourhood … or even a city!!

Here is Office Junior James and his Paper Bag Building neighbourhood.

We’d Love to See Your Creations

Email us a photo of your Paper Bag Building once you’ve finished …