Kid Architecture – Spaghetti Structures

Kid Architecture is a series we have started at Dig Design, setting activities for young minds and inspiring the next generation of architects, designers and engineers. Spaghetti Structures is an activity that will activate their creativity, engage their engineering and problem solving capabilities and lets face it … is lots of fun.

How tall can you build your Spaghetti Structure?


You’ll need:

  • Marshmallows (yum).
  • Spaghetti, uncooked.

Ideally you’ll let your marshmallows dry out for a couple of days.

However, if your marshmallows can’t be left out in the open for fear of being eaten, or you just can’t wait, it will still work using fresh marshmallows.

Office Junior James has used fresh marshmallows to create his Spaghetti Structure below.

Step 01

Start creating your Spaghetti Structure by pushing the spaghetti into the marshmallows to form your base.

Q. Do you know what the strongest shape is?

A. The triangle!

Triangles are common in all types of building supports, but don’t take it from us … try using different shapes in your Spaghetti Structure and see which you think is the most stable.

Step 02

Take it 3D. You might need to widen your base to support your Spaghetti Structure, then just build as high as you can!

Let your only restriction be time.


Office Junior James and his Spaghetti Structure.


You could challenge yourself further by setting eggs within your structure to see how it handles the weight.

Here is happy egg guy “Jeff” in his Spaghetti Structure home.

How many eggs can your Spaghetti Structure support?

We’d Love to See Your Creations

Email us a photo of your Spaghetti Structure once you’ve finished …